• La Zarza Ecological Trail

    Mirador Sendero Ecológico La Zarza, Duitama, Boyaca, Colombia .

    It is an indigenous and horseshoe trail from before 1963, it was an obligatory communication step between the inhabitants of Santander with the Tundama region in Boyacá and the eastern plains. It is a path where you can enjoy cultural tradition and environmental conservation, a tourist development as a tool to raise awareness of visitors and tourists towards nature, using environmental education, historical remembrance and existing resources, conserving the environment and Improvement of the living environment. La Zarza path, a beautiful place where you can appreciate the ecosystems of the high Andean forest, sub-paramo and paramo that allows those who enjoy nature.

  • San Lorenzo de Duitama's Cathedral

    Catedral de Duitama, Carrera 14, Duitama, Boyaca, Colombia .

    The San Lorenzo de Duitama'Cathedral  is a religious temple of Catholic worship under the invocation of San Lorenzo martyr, it is located in the central area of the city of Duitama (Colombia) and belongs to the great group of temples that are in the center of the city; in the case of the cathedral, in front of the Parque de los Libertadores. The cathedral belongs to the Duitama-Sogamoso Diocese and currently relies on the pastoral services of its laity in: child ministry, youth ministry, family ministry, university ministry, catechesis, liturgical ministry, and health ministry.

  • Parque de los Libertadores

    Parque Los Libertadores, Calle 16, Duitama, Boyaca, Colombia .

    One of the busiest places in Duitama is this park, located in the center of the city. The Municipal Administration is located in it and a large number of banking entities and commercial establishments operate around it.

  • Trinidad Church

    Iglesia de la Trinidad, Duitama, Boyaca, Colombia .

    It was built in 1870 by order of the Marquis of Surba y Bonza, with a colonial style. It is the oldest in the municipality. La Trinidad de Duitama parish was established on January 1, 1971 according to decree No. 01/71 by His Excellency Bishop Julio Franco Arango. Its first parish priest was the Reverend Father: Luis Levi Leguizamón López.

  • Pueblito Boyacense

    Hoteles Pueblito Boyacense, Calle 29, Duitama, Boyaca, Colombia .

    In 1995, it was actually constituted by the creativity of the composer and journalist José Ricardo Bautista Pamplona, ​​with the support of the central administration and the Housing Fund, through the launch of the Pueblito Boyacense, a Boyacense architectural sample that has 124 homes and 20 commercial premises.

  • Paipa Hot Springs

    ITP Paipa (Piscinas Termales), Paipa, Boyaca, Colombia .

    The Paipa Hot Springs are one of the great attractions of the city. In addition to being a source of entertainment, they provide great health benefits.

    The aquatic complex is reached by the road that passes in front of Lake Sochagota and also leads to the Pantano de Vargas, just 5 minutes from the main park of Paipa.